Chungdam Restaurant


 Chung Dam, the finest Korean restaurant, has opened at Duluth.

 Duluth is one of the top growing cities in Georgia, and it became a heart of Asian American's.

 The 'Chung' means the cleanness and purity. As well as 'Dam' means the deep water. Chung Dam, the combination of two letters means 'the pure and clean water' which is the most important and powerful resource of life.

 The modern society makes people work hard enough to forget even who they are. In the middle of cutting-edge times, Chung Dam has born to deliver the breathing break.

 Relaxation with pure resources of nature, rejoice with delight and comfort environment: these are our goal to serve the food and space. We want to serve you the free and relaxation as well as the 'Asian Well-being Food'.

Chungdam... where you can stabilize your soul and body.