Chungdam Restaurant
Served with Rice & Miso Soup except Noodle Dish.

BIBIMBAB   비빔밥 10.99
  Sauteed Vegetables, Ground Beef, Fried Egg over Rice. Served w/House Chili Pepper Paste

DOLSOT BIBIMBAB   돌솥비빔밥 12.99
  Fried Egg over Bibimbab. Served in a Hot Stone Pot

HOE DEOPBAB* + EGG SOUFFLE   회덮밥* + 계란찜 12.99
  Sashimi, Masago Roe, Freshly Chopped Vegetables & Roasted Seaweed Flakes over Rice Served w/a Tangy House Chili Pepper Sauce Served with Egg Soufflé

HAEMUL KALGUKSU   해물칼국수 11.99
  Seafood Knife-cut Noodles Served in a Seafood Broth